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United Nations Wants to Regulate Global Free Speech

CNN Meteorologist Calls Man-Made Global Warming Theory ‘Arrogant’

Yes, snow in Las Vegas, Southern California and the Arizona desert. Save us now global warming overlords with your carbon taxes!!!

Lou Dobbs Report on Martial Law in the U.S.



Is Martial Law Coming to a Town Near You?

Glenn Beck “Endgame of the New World Order”

The Basic Agenda of the Global Elite

Glenn Beck Talks Economic Breakdown, Martial Law


Lou Dobbs on the DC 2nd Amendment Violation

Ron Paul Discusses Trans-Texas Corridor on CNN’s Lou Dobbs 2.19.2008

Wait a minute — is this the same CNN network that criticized Ron Paul and accused him of spreading a conspiracy theory when he mentioned the NAFTA Superhighway and Trans-Texas Corridor during the presidential debates??? (The correct answer is, of course, YES!)

The Amnesty Agenda

This report from Lou Dobbs discusses yet another example of how twisted things are getting in this country. The Mexican government is spending millions to change U.S. immigration policy as well as to influence the outcome of our 2008 presidential elections — which of course also influences immigration policy. We are being sold out by international corporations and spineless politicians. Time to elect Ron Paul and legalize the Constitution perhaps?

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