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Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve, Bailouts, and AIG Bonuses

The problem is the Federal Reserve and the bailouts, not the AIG bonuses (as bad as they are–they are just a symptom of the corrupted system).

Ron Paul further explained these facts on Fox Business News earlier today (3/24/2009):

Ron Paul: Bailouts Are Attacking the Dollar

Ron Paul on the Housing Bailout, Credit Card Surveillance

The IRS is now monitoring all of your credit card transactions.

Inflation Tax and Dollar Devaluation: Paul Confronts Bernake

Ron Paul was on CNBC yesterday discussing the inflation tax, the weak dollar, and his meeting with Ben Bernake:

Here is the full excerpt from the above referenced House Financial Services Committee meeting where Paul once again tried to set Bernake straight:

Ron Paul was really making the rounds yesterday. Funny how people are having to admit he’s been right all along now that it’s becoming undeniably obvious. Even Glenn Beck is treating him with more respect these days (if only Glenn could get the whole war on terror/foreign policy thing figured out he’d be an OK guy!). Here is the clip of Paul on Beck’s show:

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