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Rand Paul: Protect our liberties & the innocent by letting Patriot Act expire — Key Votes Coming Up

Update: Unfortunately the first vote on “cloture” passed 74-8 today, there will likely be a vote on Wednesday in the Senate on final passage of the bill, S.1038. At that point it would move to the House for a vote. We need to let everyone in Congress know that it’s time to give us our freedom back, even if they ignore us, at least it won’t be said that we did nothing.

Great speech by Rand Paul. Every American should give this careful consideration.

Urgent: Need to contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to vote no on extending any and all provisions of the Patriot Act. We don’t want four more years of warrantless spying, warantless wiretapping, searches and seizures without probable cause..they’re all ridiculous, unnecessary, even abhorent notions in a so-called “free” society.

“We can go after terrorists… but we can do it with a process that protects the innocent.” —Rand Paul

More info on the Patriot Act and how it eliminates many of your rights here, and here.

Rand Paul: A new war without ANY Congressional debate or vote

“He [Obama] seems to have had a lot of time to talk to people. He talked to the Arab League, they had time to get together and vote on it. He talked to the UN, they had time to get together and vote on it. But he had utter disregard and contempt for the most important body in the United States that represents the people, US Congress. Utter contempt, he’s gone to NATO, he’s gone to our allies, he’s gone to the Arab League, but he has not had one single minute of debate in Congress.

— Rand Paul

Rand Paul Advocates Consumer Choice in Energy Committee Hearing

Rand is totally right, consumer choice is being overridden by control freaks in government, with the force of law backing them up. All the while the same government is trumpeting rhetoric about providing more choice. The woman here smugly tells Rand Paul that Congress and the president basically got together and decided that consumer’s do have a choice: buy what we tell you to buy, be fined or go to jail. Those are the new options.

Rand Paul’s first speech from the Senate floor

Rand Paul makes his Senatorial mission clear, he’s not there to compromise on principal.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Interview with Neil Cavuto, 1-05-2011

Good to have Rand finally in there.

2 Pauls to be sworn in, 1 in Senate, 1 in House Washington Post, 1-5-2011

Rand Paul Clarifies Stance After Media Attacks

After the Rand Paul Rachel Maddow interview and the media assault that followed against Rand Paul, Paul absolutely deserved a chance to clarify his position on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which the media repeatedly misrepresented. It should be noted that Rand never said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act had he been a Senator at the time, nor did he say anything to indicate that he favored segregation, whether it be in public or private sector, as the media claimed and ran with. In fact he said the opposite. Also, Paul isn’t off base to question how and what the government should be able to dictate with regard to a private entity’s property rights and 1st Amendment rights.  These are all important civil rights questions that relate to all aspects of our society, for example with socialized healthcare— Do people have a right to someone else’s service or labor? Do people have a right to someone’s business? Or in general, do people or businesses have a right to speak or write racist, offensive, or unpopular things?

As Rand said, calling him “racist” for his position on property rights is dishonest, he was clear in his position of being firmly against racial discrimination. This interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN gave Rand a chance to clarify how he might have voted on the Civil Rights Act, had he been a Senator in 1964:

Also worth a listen is the Rand Interview on the Laura Ingraham Show from 5/20/2010:

It’s all part of a regular exercise that the MSM undergoes with popular non-establishment political candidates— seeking to twist their words and demonize them, most often using the “racist” label as their tool. It seems that if they can even suggest the idea that the candidate might maybe, possibly have said or suggested something close to being racist then maybe some non-informed voters will be afraid of him and never investigate or find the truth. The truth being that Rand Paul will likely be much more of a protector of the rights of individuals’ from all races than probably 99.9% of all other senatorial candidates or sitting Senators. It’s an effective distraction as the country faces a massive currency and economic crisis, and as they work on passing the “finance reform” bill.

Rand Paul on CNN: ‘Get Our Fiscal House in Order’

Great to see Rand take the primary win in Kentucky. Few non-presidential political candidates have to face tough questions from national media the way that Rand Paul is having to face them.  Given the state of the economy however, some of the questions posed by CNN anchors to Rand here about the economy and about the people who depend on welfare, seemed very unintelligent— Rand is quick to point out that if the debt crisis in the U.S. isn’t fixed soon, there won’t be a welfare state left to debate about. Just look at Greece.

Rand Paul Covers The Issues

Rand Paul on WYMT:

Rand Paul Speaks at a town hall meeting in Kentucky:

Donate at randpaul2010.com.

Rand Paul on Healthcare, Inflation, & True Free Markets

Good interview with Rand Paul on CSPAN, Sept 16th, 2009. Rand makes some very important points about healthcare, the increasing price inflation, and the need for price mobility and true free markets instead of government price controls. Rand is very articulate and succinct here. Rand’s response (at the end of part 2) to the woman’s claim that ‘healthcare is a right’ was great.

Rand is bombarded with a suspiciously one-sided batch of callers all wanting socialized healthcare handouts, some of them quite belligerent, and yet he still keeps his cool while carefully explaining what is really happening with healthcare access and expenses. Get this guy elected!

Rand Paul raised over a million dollars today for his Kentucky senate run… You can donate here.

Rand Paul on the Morning Joe show

Donate to Rand Paul’s Campaign For Senate In Kentucky

Today is the Rand Paul moneybomb. He’s already received over $600,000 in donations—


Donate To Rand Paul August 20th, 2009

Pledge an August 20th donation here.

Rand Paul For US Senate, 2010!

Daily Paul recently pointed out that there is some search engine confusion between “Paul Rand”, the famous American graphic designer, and Rand Paul–and that a larger quantity of web links (from your site or blog) to the Rand Paul US Senate website with the name “Rand Paul” inside the anchor tags can help to clear up the confusion on Google and other search engines. Here’s my contribution:

Rand Paul 2010 for Kentucky | US Senate

A little link love from your own website could go a long way.

The Rand Paul Revolution: Rand Paul for Senate in Kentucky?

Support the grassroots campaign to draft Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate at www.rand2010.com/.

More From Rand Paul


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