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Donate to Ron Paul’s presidential fund, Monday Feb 21st

Update: 5-14-2011. Pledge a donation to the Ron Paul MoneyBomb on June 5th, 2011!

Donate at libertypac.com:


Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll, receives 30% of vote

Ron Paul 2012! Gotta love how the Faux newswoman had to throw in a dig claiming that the “story is not Ron Paul winning again for the second year in a row, but they are pointing to the strength of Mitt Romney coming in second place again with 23%, Mitt Romney, that’s what the CPAC advisors are telling me today”. Since when is the second place winner the story of any election? Ron Paul coming in first [again] isn’t a story worth telling? They’re already pulling out the anti Ron Paul spin…good let them be shocked and unprepared again when the Ron Paul revolution comes out with even more supporters and a louder voice during the next election.

Paul has a real chance of beating Obama, few other Repubs do. The difference is that Paul is for real and will use his influence the way he says he will. His mouth is actually in alignment with his actions. If you haven’t already figured this out, study his voting record. Paul always votes on principle, always upholds the Constitution and always uses his influence to promote liberty for the individual without seeking personal gain. Could America possibly have a more honest, principled candidate for president?

Ron Paul’s speech at CPAC 2011.

Ron Paul 2012 – Can You Hear Us Now?

Ron Paul 2012, integrity for America.

Sign the petition: Ron Paul for president in 2012!

Visit this page and sign the petition urging Ron Paul to run for president in 2012:

Ron Paul and Rand Paul Interview with Neil Cavuto, 1-05-2011

Good to have Rand finally in there.

2 Pauls to be sworn in, 1 in Senate, 1 in House Washington Post, 1-5-2011

Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV, 12/1/2010, discusses fed foriegn bank bailout disclosure

RP on foreign banks (and “US” banks) receiving aid from US taxpayer: “I think it’s criminal…This is not how a free society ought to operate. This is all for special interests.”

Back in February, Bernanke lied when Paul questioned him about foreign bailouts.
Bernanke: “We have no plans, whatsoever, to be involved in any foreign bailouts or anything of that sort.” What about the foreign banks that they bailed out?

Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral (Update1)

Banks with headquarters outside the U.S. were among the first to begin using the facility in December 2007 and were also among its heaviest borrowers. These included the U.S. affiliates of banks such as Manama, Bahrain-based Arab Banking Corp., Madrid-based Banco Santander SA, and Paris-based Societe Generale SA. Beginning on June 18, 2009, Barclays Bank Plc had two loans totaling $23.45 billion outstanding.

Note that this fed disclosure only occurred due to the Bloomberg lawsuit. We need to use the courts to get our country back!

Ron Paul on TSA: ‘government’s role is to protect our rights!’ not violate them

CNN 11/19/10

Go Ron Paul! Government is supposed to protect our rights, period. “Taking away all our liberties won’t solve our problems!”

The lady argues that the TSA just hasn’t done a good enough job of explaining why it’s groping us? Ridiculous! How does explaining that you’re violating someone’s rights make it any better?

Napolitano is a liar! liar! liar! They already admitted that they store the images and that’s what the machines were intended to do!