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Pilot refuses TSA naked body scan & grope-down

Follow this link to see video of the CNN interview, from the Daily Paul:
It’s BEGUN; ALL it takes is JUST ONE BRAVE SOUL: CNN- Pilot REFUSE TSA FullBodyScan & Grope-Down!

Good for him, looks like many of his colleagues are standing with him on this move:

Pilots voice support for Michael Roberts on ExpressJet online forums

From pilot sspears737 on the forums:

“Good for you I can’t see why you shouldn’t have been allowed passage. I have a friend who was almost denied passage at terminal C in IAH the other day. The TSA screener threatened him with a pat down at which he stated he had no problem undergoing a pat down. The TSA screener a female then stated, “she would grab his crotch.” I wish I was making this ***** up. It’s the blind leading the blind at the TSA. Good luck with your incident I was harassed myself in terminal E and I understand the lack of accountability that TSA agents have when dealing with the public. You can be threatened at a moments notice by an agent if they see fit…”

Pilot Who Refused Full-Body Scan Railed Against TSA For Months

How A Pilot Refused A Full Body Scan And Now May Lose His Job

Chertoff and Company Pushes for Body Scanners, admits a financial conflict of interest:

Commercial airline pilot refuses full body scan

“The 35-year-old Roberts told The Commercial Appeal newspaper he wants to go to work and not be ‘harassed or molested without cause.'”


The Dollar is a Big Element of U.S. Security

Here is a letter from Ron Paul to the Wall Street Journal published today:

I was delighted to read in Judy Shelton’s op-ed, “Security and the Falling Dollar” (Feb. 15), that at long last the security implications of the dollar’s collapse have made their way into the mainstream media. The dollar’s strength (or lack thereof) has been of paramount concern to me, and the subject of many of my statements over the past several years. Decades of manipulation by the Federal Reserve have benefited the government and certain politically-connected firms, while gradually destroying the purchasing power of middle-class Americans. Despite numerous warnings in the past, it is only now at a point of acute crisis that Washington insiders are beginning to awaken to the reality of the end of dollar hegemony.

While I desire reform of our current monetary system, my own proposals have not been as all-encompassing as Ms. Shelton’s suggestion to return to a Bretton Woods-style system. Her recommendation, though, that gold backing should make up a component of a future monetary system, is one that we would all do well to heed. My own legislative proposals focus around eliminating the taxes and laws that dissuade individuals and institutions from using gold as currency or as a backing for currency. By allowing market processes to determine the issuance of currency, we can allow individuals to decide for themselves what currency they wish to use. This would lead to a gradual reintroduction of sound money and avoid the market shocks that occur when monetary decisions are mandated by government fiat.

Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas)