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Ron Paul to Congress: Assume responsibility for value of the dollar

Ron Paul addresses Congress regarding auditing the fed, and takes them to task for not offering more support for the bill.

Ron Paul: ‘Expect Huge Price Increases in the Future’

CNBC Anchors Upset When They Unintentially Air Ron Paul’s Opening Statement to House Financial Services Committee

When you work at CNBC you just don’t want the unfiltered truth getting out across the airwaves (notice the reaction of the talking heads at 2:23).

Ron Paul said things like: “This is the end of an era. You can’t reinflate the bubble… it has failed” which is of course waaay too truthful to be shown uncensored:

Ron Paul on Compulsory Military Servitude, Dollar/Economic Destruction

Dr. Paul makes some great points here, as always. A few highlights: With all this talk of compulsory military “service”–does it make sense to force our young men and women to fight to “preserve liberty” while at the same taking their liberty away with compulsory servitude? Note, that in this case it is servitude, not service (service would be voluntary). Also, if there is no intention of having a draft then why have selective service registration?

Ron Paul: “All Great Empires End With the Destruction of the Currency”

Only a Return to Free Market Principles Can Save the Economy

The free market is not what got us into the current economic mess — but it is the only thing that could get us out of it.

To fix things of course would require a period of difficulty, and a nationwide determination to identify and root out corruption on all levels of government as well as in the corporate world. It would also take a return to Constitutional government, sacrifice (not the fake Obama kind) and a lot of personal responsibility. It seems as a whole that the nation lacks the capacity for all of that, so instead the country will probably just continue to spiral downward until everything totally falls apart.

But you have to keep trying to get support for true and effective principles even in the face of overwhelming odds.  Here is a clip from Ron Paul’s appearance on Brian and the Judge today:


A paraphrase of the great reminder from Dr. Paul:

Government does not exist to grant its individual citizens their rights. Government should exist only to secure and protect ALL rights — which each individual inherently has.


Jim Rogers: Elite Turning Recession Into A Depression

Ron Paul Interviewed on Russia Today