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Diebold Accidentally Releases 2008 Presidential Election Results

It’s sad (and funny) but true — there is more honesty in the satirical humor of The Onion than in the corporate “mainstream” media:


Kucinich Asks for New Hampshire Recount in the Interest of Election Integrity

Thank you Dennis Kucinich!

I was hoping Dennis would step forward on the Democratic side pushing for a NH recount, he has. Kucinich has sent a letter to the New Hampshire Secretary of State asking for a recount of New Hampshire’s primary election.

From Ron Paul War Room/BUSINESS WIRE:

. . .I am not making this request in the expectation that a recount will significantly affect the number of votes that were cast on my behalf, Kucinich stressed in a letter to Secretary of State William M. Gardner. But, Serious and credible reports, allegations, and rumors have surfaced in the past few days. It is imperative that these questions be addressed in the interest of public confidence in the integrity of the election process and the election machinery not just in New Hampshire, but in every other state that conducts a primary election.

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Candidate Steps Forward to File For NH Recount

Update: 1.11.08
Granny Warriors reporting that Howard has filed for the recount in NH and paid the fee.

Looks like the recount is on. Thank you Albert Howard, whoever you are.

From Granny Warriors NH Recount blog:

We have a candidate [Albert Howard] that is willing to go to NH and file for the recount. We have paid his air fare and he is on his way as of 4 PM EST. He has tomorrow to file.

We will be sending him the money as he needs it to assure us and you that each district or precinct is counted plus more funds are needed to complete the process.

Alex Jones has agreed to help us out and everyone seems to be working together to get this done.

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More on New Hampshire Vote Fraud

It’s clear that there needs to be a recounting of the votes done by hand to establish the real outcome of the New Hampshire primary.

From TruthNews:

Going purely on hand-counts, which as we saw in Sutton were by no means angelic but at least harder to cheat on than Diebold voting machines without getting caught, Ron Paul would have won 15% of the vote and finished third. This figure would have more accurately correlated to the pre-primary polls rather than the ridiculous 8% he was eventually given.

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It’s Not Just Us or Ron Paul, Its the Message

I can’t believe some people are willing to concede to defeat so fast after the New Hampshire results. I’ve seen a blog saying “the revolution is over,” or one said “the polls are correct” and insinuated that we give up on getting Paul elected (as if to suggest the actual vote totals are insignificant).

As of right now Ron Paul has more delegates than Giuliani or Hunter, and more total votes than Giuliani, Hunter, and Thompson. There’s a chance that victories in other states could still make Paul eligible for the nomination. It’s not over. Many in our nation are calling for real leadership and Dr. Paul has already given that to us. Let’s double our peaceful, grassroots efforts and spread the message of hope.

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Voter Fraud in New Hampshire?

Update 1.15.08: They need another $5,000 to move forward with the NH recount. Donate at Granny Warriors chip-in site.

This is something I didn’t want to have to make a post about, but I’ve found too much evidence to completely ignore or say that voter fraud isn’t or couldn’t be taking place.

From the Ron Paul War Room:

According to a post this evening on the Ron Paul Forums, vote fraud occurred in Sutton, New Hampshire:

Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted:
My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in
that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know???

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Emergency Call To Help Ron Paul VoteWatch

With the exclusion of Ron Paul from the Fox News Forum to be held two days before the New Hampshire primary, there is little question that groups are and will be using some fraudulent tactics attempting to alter the COUNT of the Ron Paul vote. Voter fraud in Iowa and New Hampshire is pretty much guaranteed.

Why is voter fraud nearly guaranteed? Questionable reliability of voting machines, questionable ballot security, and the voter fraud that blatantly occurred during the straw polls and during previous elections. There is a real threat of the final vote counts being manipulated at some level.

Watch the Vote 2008.com is asking for people to volunteer in Iowa and New Hampshire to help ensure accurate, legitimate vote counts. Follow this link to SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER TO WATCH THE VOTE.

Volunteers can also help the VoteWatch by double-checking the vote counts from your home computer. Sign up at Vote Watch 2008.com.

More information about what the volunteers are being asked to do can be found here. Read the following excerpt about why the vote watch is needed in Iowa:

The danger is that the results called in by the local people will be falsified at the state level. This is what happened in the 1996 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, on February 12, 1996 . The local Iowans conducted themselves with integrity and honor: they did their job. They voted by paper ballot, and immediately counted the results in front of everyone present in each precinct. The leader then accurately called the votes into the state level operatives. THIS IS WHERE THE DANGER OF VOTE FRAUD IS IN THE IOWA CAUCUSES.

The state GOP headquarters of Iowa designated Voter News Service of New York City to take the phone calls from the local county and precincts leaders at the Iowa Caucus that year. This whole event is recounted in the article, A House Without Doors, available online.

Voter News Service is a corporation then owned jointly by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and AP wire. (FOX did not exist in 1996, but became part of the cabal in 1998.) Voter News Service, based in New York City , then simply falsified the results and sent them out over AP wire. The major media published the false results from AP wire, which “results” have stood to this day. A team in Dubuque , Iowa proved via eyewitnesses that Voter News Service stole 13% of Presidential Patrick Buchanan’s vote in Dubuque County alone. (870 Buchanan votes were reduced by Voter News Service to 757 votes.)

The idea in 2008 is for citizen correspondents to watch all 99 counties in Iowa , instead of just the one county of Dubuque County, Iowa .