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Ron Paul money bomb today, need early campaign push!

Check out this great video clip from an interview of Ron Paul on CNN— “Getting to Know Ron Paul“.

He was voted “friendliest and best all around” in high school, his great grandson calls him “G-Ron”, he defends your Constitutional rights, he’s easily the most love-able and family-man candidate, vote for this guy! And if you haven’t already, go make a generous contribution to his campaign, he needs a fast early start to his campaign.


Ron Paul Ahead of Bachman & Romney in fundraising

Ron Paul’s PACs raise over $3 million in first quarter! All grassroots! Ron Paul for president!

See more at Politico:
Exclusive: Ron Paul’s $3M pot of gold


Donate to Ron Paul’s presidential fund, Monday Feb 21st

Update: 5-14-2011. Pledge a donation to the Ron Paul MoneyBomb on June 5th, 2011!

Donate at libertypac.com:

Sign the petition: Ron Paul for president in 2012!

Visit this page and sign the petition urging Ron Paul to run for president in 2012:

Bachman: ‘A Gangster Government’

“No business is safe, when you see the administration appoint Czars. Car Czars, wage Czars. There’s over 20 Czars that have been appointed, and what do those Czars do? They bypass the Congress. We’re the people’s elected Representatives. We’ve been bypassed. We now have an imperial presidency where the President has appointed various Czars reporting directly to him. And now he’s reaching into the confines of private businesses and overnight rendering them virtually worthless, unless, unless they have a special tug, a political tie to a local democrat congressman.”

Hillary Clinton Compliments Ron Paul and His Supporters

Unexpected praise for Ron Paul and his enthusiastic supporters from none other than Hillary Clinton.

I Pledge NOT to Be a Servant to President Obama

OK, my posting of this video is a few weeks behind the video it is responding to, but it is still relevant in this era of presidential deification.