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Ron Paul Blimp Soon To Be Airborne


A recent glance at the Ron Paul blimp website shows that they have gathered over $500,000 in pledges which far exceeds their goal of raising $350,000 to fund the blimp’s flight. This is sure to be amazing publicity for the Ron Paul campaign.

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LewRockwell.com is Giving DLR Some Love

There was a link back to a post here on Daily Liberty Research from a Lew Rockwell.com article today. The article, written by Rick Fisk, explains the ridiculousness and irony surrounding the neocon media labeling Ron Paul supporters as “Dangerous Kooks.”

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Yet Another Pathetic Ron Paul Media Smear Fails

Scarborough spends the majority of his interview of Ron Paul noting the fund raising success Paul has had. Towards the end of the interview the tone is quickly shifted as one of Scarborough’s lackey commentators chimes in with a ridiculous claim.

Ron Paul, in his good natured and forgiving way, laughs off the pathetic attempt by the commentator to link his views with that of a brothel-owner. The Ron Paul smears coming from media sources seem to be increasingly unintelligent and lame. Joe Scarborough’s annoying cackle here only reveals the fact that he knew his jig was up. Nice try guys.